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Placement and Pricing is the 2nd largest Bengali Daily in West Bengal,  averaging more than 1,20,000 page impressions daily. The extensive and high-quality resources attract readeres who want to know about Kolkata as well as West Bengal's current situation staying in any position of the world. Banner advertising in give you the opportunity to capitalize on that traffic and increase the frequency of messaging. By integrating Web advertising into your marketing or lead-generation campaign, you extend your brand exposure to a highly targeted audience.

Online Advertising Pricing

Pricing and Minimum Booking
 as per CPM / CPC mode

Top/Bottom/ Middle
Banner Ad
Dimensions in pixels

Side Vertical / Box Ad
in pixels

CPM (Cost per mille or per thousand impression)

Price                          : INR 40/- per 1000 Impression

Minimum Booking          : 2,50,000 Impression 

CPC (Cost per Click)

Price                          : INR 30/- per Click

Minimum Booking          : 1000 Click 

970w X 90h

728w X 90h

180w X 90h

320w X 100h

320w X 50h

468w X 60h


180w X 90h

160w X 600h

300w X 250h

300w X 300h

120w X 600h

120w X 800h

For more information about online advertising contact a's representative at 03323000291  or   [email protected]

  • Online Advertising Terms & Conditions:

    As space is limited, banner ads are sold on a first come, first served basis. All creative is accepted subject to the publisher's approval.

    We don't publish pop-over, pop-under, slider or any other type of advertisement.

    We do not publish any dating, sex related or any type of explicit advertisement creative.

    Payment is required in advance for the first 70,000 impressions / 1000 clicks. Subsequent billing is on a bimonthly basis and is calculated for the number of impressions served. We accept payments only in INR (either by cheque or by bank transfer) .




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